Whiskey (formerly Tweenie)

tweenie-1 tweenie-2

Hi Maribeth,

Things are going really well! We did change her name- she is now Whiskey. I feel like she settled in pretty quickly and without any big problems. Now that she has been here for a few weeks we have started working on getting her to walk better on the leash, learn “sit”, and little things like that. She also had her first vet visit and he said everything looked good.

Right now my schedule varies day to day but pretty much all falls 9-7 so I usually walk her when I get up in the morning and then maybe a little play time but after that I think she goes back to bed until Rob wakes up. She gets breakfast with him. Some days I work later and Rob gives her dinner too but other days I’m home for that. She usually gets tired by bedtime and we have to wake her up out of her doggy bed for her last trip outside for the night. She has made a few friends with other dogs in the complex- her and the pug neighbor like to greet each other if we run into them outside. There are a couple of bigger dogs she loves to play with at the doggy park when we run into them too.


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