What’s That Dog’s Story?

One of the things I noticed while walking Lulu’s Rescue’s dogs is that people like to ask “What is the story of this dog?” As humans, we are fascinated by all stories from the beginning to the end. Our own story helps us become the people we are today. We fill our stories with good and bad decisions. We learn and grow and often replay those decisions over and over again in our heads. We place blame on things from our past or use them as excuses for why we are not moving forward. But it is so different for dogs. They don’t make excuses for their beginnings.

Dogs live in the present. Their story starts the first time you see them wag their tails, the first time they get to hang their heads out of a car window and enjoy being a dog. Their story begins when you walk, and play, and love them for the first time. This is the story that needs to be told, to be written, to be remembered. It may not be an easy story to create. It takes patience, time, energy, structure, knowledge and love. It grows and grows and grows as you and your dog become the main characters in the best tale of your times.

So when you look at a rescue dog for the first time, don’t focus on the story of his or her past. Focus on the next chapter. The chapter that he or she will begin with you. Look past the scars, the “what ifs”, the “I wonders” and move forward together. Write a story that makes your heart sing. A story that when you look back over it in years, it makes you laugh, cry and love just like you did on that very first day.
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