Hi – I just wanted to give you an update on how our Toby is doing since he’s been with us for quite a few months now. In one word, perfect. He is absolutely the sweetest dog who has fit in perfectly with our family. He gets very excited when we get home from work but never ever jumps on us or our son. Has never had an accident in the house and is so calm and gentle with our cat (who now has no problem with him being in “her” house). My son also adores his dog and Toby goes in to his room every night when it’s time for a bedtime story and lays beside the bed to listen as well. He has NEVER picked up one of our son’s toys that did not belong to him and sleeps soundly beside our bed at night. He even acts as the guard dog when my husband is not home from time to time and will lay in the hallway until he gets home and then he’ll come in to bed. He enjoys his twice daily walks and is also perfect when walking on the leash. We couldn’t have asked for anything else when it comes to our newest family member.

Attached is a picture of our happy little boy with Toby (he looks a little smaller/less furry because he had his Summer hair cut).
Thank you again!

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