The Three Amigos

“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.”
― Stanley Coren

When I saw this quote, I smiled and thought of my new “three amigos“. This is what I call my new group of Lulu’s dogs that I am currently walking. I have always heard that rescue dogs are more “appreciative”, but I wondered how this could be. Now I see it with my own eyes on each walk.
First, I take out the dynamic duo- Maddie and Rosie. Two dogs of different ages, backgrounds, and colors, but yet the best of friends- wouldn‘t we like to see more of that among humans? It takes us a few minutes to get organized (me more so then them), but once our walk begins, it is pure joy. They run, sniff, greet strangers, and celebrate being part of this world. Although I enjoy the walk, my favorite part is the ride home. Windows down, ears flapping, they yawn, circle twice, and lay down for a nap. I swear if the ride was longer they would be having the sweetest dreams! These girls will bring pure joy to their new families. They are so thankful for each minute of each day.
After dropping off the girls, I pick up Buddy. Buddy is a great guy. I think Buddy has the perfect name because if he were a human he would be Will Farrell in the movie ELF (also named Buddy). He is so kind, pure-hearted and energetic about everything and everyone. Remember that scene in the movie when Will Farrell finds out Santa is coming to the department store? That’s how Buddy approaches you and the time you are willing to spend with him. He walks so well on an easy walker (harness style) and he has an innate interest in his partner. Today on a wood trail, he was on a long leash, but kept circling back to check on me and my wishes. This is a great skill for dogs that go hiking off leash. He is a fast learner and he will make you smile in the process.
Please consider finding out more about the three amigos in this blog. Their profiles can be seen under “Our Dogs“. They are so ready for their forever homes!

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