Spay/Neuter: The Answer…

lulus-spay-neuter-podLulu’s Rescue, working on a foundation of proven models nationwide, has devised an exciting local initiative that will help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of homeless companion animals.

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Our mission at Lulu’s is spay/neuter, humane education, and rescue. One of the most exciting movements in spay/neuter right now is clinics offering low-cost, high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter surgeries. The biggest challenge for these clinics at start-up is acquiring facilities to perform the surgeries—but we have found a cost-effective way around this problem. Lulu’s is now working to bring this spay/neuter model to our communities by acquiring construction trailers (once used as offices on construction sites) and repurposing them into surgical pods in areas with extreme populations of companion animals.

We know from our previous 1100+ spay/neuter surgeries for low-income families that there is a direct correlation between these surgeries being performed and the number of animals who land on death row in subsequent months. Without question, increasing the number of surgeries decreases the number of puppies being dumped in shelters. Our spay/neuter pods are an economical way to bring more surgeries to the areas that need them most.

Each pod will be divided into three sections: an Intake/Reception area, a Surgical Room, and a Recovery Room. Materials will be primarily stainless steel and tile, to maintain as sterile of an environment as clients would find in any other veterinarian’s facility.

lulus-spay-neuter-pod-renderWe are concurrently working on a business plan to have qualified veterinary staff in place immediately upon completion of the renovations, and to ensure that within 24 to 36 months of each pod becoming operational, it will also become financially self-sustaining.

Many low-cost, high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinics have shown that this model can work nationwide, and we see no reason why it cannot work in our communities, too.

lulus-spay-neuter-pod-interiorWe are on track to have our first spay/neuter pod up and running in July, 2016 in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, and we are currently looking for donors to help us implement the business plan that we have put in motion. Again, it is our hope that any grants received will get us to the 24- or 36-month mark, at which time we expect each pod to become financially self-sustaining.