Riley (formerly Cocoa)


Hello to every wonderful person at LuLu’s Rescue!

I just wanted to give you an update on Riley (formerly Cocoa).  She is simply amazing and SO intelligent!  We have been going to training classes, and she picks up so quickly.  She knows sit, stay, wait, look, and come.  We are doing great at waiting for the door to be open and invited in before bolting through the door and just starting figuring out what ‘down’ means!

Riley is my little cuddle bug on the couch until she gets too tired and curls up at the end for the night (sleeping outside of the crate!).  Each night we have a fun little routine.  When I see she has settled for the night (always between 9:30pm-10:30pm), I go and get myself ready for bed.  Then I give her head two kisses and shut off the lights.  Like clockwork, as soon as I’m in bed, she comes over, puts her paws on my bed and looks for me.  I give her a nice puppy hug and then she goes on her way back to the couch where she stays for the majority of the night.

We are working on our greetings to other four legged friends, and two legged friends, but she still gets so darn excited!  Slowly but surely we are making some great progress on her greetings!

My life is so different and so much more wonderful now that Riley is in it.  She brings so much light and joy to everything we do now, no words will do it justice.  I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of her family.  We are doing great and I’ll keep you posted with pictures and updates on how she is doing.

Thank you again, to everyone at LuLu’s Rescue.  You are all doing such an amazing job and making so many lives better!  People are puppies!



p.s. The attached photo is of Riley practicing her sit and wait!

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