You are all absolute Angels for matching us with Rex. We feel so fortunate to be entrusted with his care, and we’re incredibly glad you helped him find us too. It’s been a truly blissful weekend all around.

After meeting Rex outside Kris’ house, he let us know he was expecting us…  He bellyflopped on me inside and gave his best snuggles & got a wink from my husband. When I started to fill out the paperwork he grabbed his leash and jumped into my lap between me and the papers. We completely melted.

We took him to my Mom’s home in Solebury to meet our 5-1/2 year old. She was waiting in the back field by the stream… when she saw Rex she ran to him, and we ran to her.  After squealing “Is it my new puppy? Is it Rex?” & “He’s sooooo adooorable about 10,000 times he got to meet everyone else.

He bellyflopped in the stream & splashed water into the air with his nose – literally from side to side, like a kid splashing in a pool!!! He stretched in the sunny grass with 6 of my family members, my Mom’s Lab “Noodles”, and a neighbors chihuahua “Nacho”.  He found a toad. He blended in beautifully. He figured out he was top dog within an hour.  He even started to show protectiveness by standing between “Noodles” and the 3 of us, giving friendly & strong warning barks.

We came home after a good while, put a chicken in the oven, walked the property, & explored the house. Rex & I laid out his keepsakes from Kris on the couch after he helped me clean the chicken – good boy! The whole family watched a movie together on the couch, and then he slept in our bed like a big baby.

He is a fantastic friend. Not pushy in the least, & he can literally laze across all 3 of us.

This morning we had a long run & walk in the field next door. At lunch Rex met more family in the yard and he was such a polite, gracious host!  Every new introduction was met with rapid & sincere tail wagging. He doesn’t bark at neighbors or cars.  He only “spoke up” today when he thought our daughter was being hurt (ie. kids wrestling on the trampoline)

We have all been inseparable.  Rex and our daughter are sleeping together right now as I write this short novella. They are adorable together.

Job Well Done LuLu’s Rescue. Puppy saved. Family saved.

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