Murray + Roscoe

Dear Michele + Meredith:

I can’t tell you how long it took me to get this shot! I can’t thank you enough for these beautiful dogs. They are both doing great. Keeping an eye on Roscoe’s condition and trying to train him to walk up a ramp instead of rabbit hopping up my two steps. No luck yet–he prefers to hop. But he’s hopping pretty well lately I have to admit. He is a complete joy all the time. I’ve started working with Murray to be a good leash walker so that we can take long walks every day. He is very smart and a total goofball at the same time! He discovered this week that kitchen counters have really cool things on them and he keeps stealing stuff and bringing it to Roscoe. He alternates between trying to get the old dude to wrestle and bringing him presents. And patient Uncle Roscoe just puts up with it all, that tail wagging non-stop.

Jim and I are having so much fun with them…one of my favorite things (besides walking in the woods with Murray) is to sit on the couch reading with Murray’s head in my lap and Roscoe at my feet. Life is good. Thank you again for all that you do



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