He is an absolute joy. He may have won the puppy lottery but I know I did! He is really good. The one change that has happened is that my staff and I voted to change his name. No one was fond of Miggs so we took a poll and his new name as of Monday is Hank. He just looks like a Hank. Can not explain it but it really fits him! He has been so busy meeting people. Neighbors, office staff and clients, my mother ( his grandmother who is 91 and absolutely adores him). He has been in a number of new places and really has been so good.   He sleeps through the night on a bed next to mine although I wake him to take him out just for piece of mind around 2 AM. He already has staff members fighting to take him out. He is so spoiled already. One female staff went home Monday night and baked dog biscuits for him and brought them in today. He is a real love. He gives every one kisses and actually doesn’t know when to stop. Hank is just so cute!
He is a great traveler too. I put a cage in my car and he just lays down and rest the whole trip. Not one noise from him. This is good because on Thursday we leave for Penn State to see friends and the game on Sat. He will be in the cage while at the game but everyone there will be all over him before and after, he might like the rest during the game.
Will keep you posted on his progress. So far so good!!
Thank You!
Howard + Hank
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