Mac: A Puppy Hungry for Love

I began fostering Mac for Lulu’s Rescue on Sunday, November 20. He’s a yellow lab mix who is about 9 months old, and who looked at first like he had been fed for maybe seven of those nine months. This poor boy’s ribs were clearly visible, as were his spine and his shoulder bones. Nevertheless, he was as happy as could be, bounding off the transport from North Carolina onto his flailing puppy legs. His first act in the state of New Jersey was to try to get the other dogs in the parking lot to play with him.

Back at my house, Mac quickly learned that feeding time meant nice, big bowls full of Blue Buffalo puppy food. He also figured out where the treat bowl is kept and realized that if he sat politely, an endless stream of goodies would come his way. He takes each treat gently, almost delicately, as if he truly appreciates every single bite.

Out in the backyard, Mac made fast friends with my nearly 2-year-old boy, Blue (also a Lulu’s Rescue success story). They play chase and tug and wrestle all day long, sprinting their hearts out and then curling up together for naps. I began taking Mac on the daily walks that Blue and I enjoy, and much to my surprise, Mac walked nicely on the leash. He mostly stayed by my side, without any corrections needed. He’s just a natural at being a good dog.

Mac’s first Thanksgiving was spent with my family, who taught him the joys of turkey scraps and gravy. He’s up to a normal weight of 50 pounds now, he knows “sit” and is working on “lie down,” he is crate trained, and he’s house-trained including use of my doggie door. Everyone who meets him comments on how beautiful he is. He especially loves to meet kids and other dogs. Mac has one of those personalities that just oozes affection. He’s a charmer, plain and simple.

When I first met Mac, he was hungry for food. Now, he’s just hungry for the love of a permanent family. If you are interested in adopting Mac, please apply via Lulu’s Rescue.


—Kim Kavin, foster Mom for Lulu’s Rescue

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