Kids Now A Days

“Kids now a days”. Every generation has said it about anyone that is younger than them. What does this statement really mean? Is it always used as a negative? Well, not in this case. The kids that are associated with Lulu’s are an amazing example of the next generation. They are smart, kind, and service-oriented. This blog focuses on one young volunteer in particular- a kid – ANYONE, ANY AGE -would be happy to know.
Meet Hailey, a seventh grader from Doylestown, PA. As a life long dog lover, Hailey was drawn to the Lulu’s Rescue tent at the Tinicum Arts Festival this summer. She has been volunteering ever since.  Nothing can stop her from volunteering, not even embarrassing situations that might send other teenagers running (What would you have done at age 13 if a dog you were charge of peed all over the pet store floor in front of a crowd?). She understands the bigger picture of how appreciative both dogs and people are of her hard work and she loves seeing that “big smile” on both canine and human faces.
So what can we learn from Hailey? Her message is not just for teenagers, it is for everyone. When asked what she would tell people about volunteering her words ring true for ANYONE, ANY AGE. “I would tell them to have fun with it! There are so many cool ways to volunteer! People think it’s boring and that if you don’t get paid it’s not worth it. That is so not true! Just include what you like with it and have fun!”

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