Jagger is doing wonderful.  He’s up to about 70 pounds of fur and energy, all fit and healthy.  Like children, it’s great watching him develop his own personality.  Throw a ball, and the Retriever in him comes out.  Leave him off leash in the yard, and he just loves to run from end to end like a Setter.  It took a few trips, but he loves to fetch from the lake too.  And the mix of breeds gave him such a beautiful coat.

Of course, with the good comes the bad.  He does mouth a bit and we’re working with him on it.  He’s improving, but slowly.

For Thanksgiving weekend, Jagger got to experience his first snow.  He saw some last year, but he was too small to really experience much.  This time, he got to run free chasing snow flakes and rolling in it.  Be sure to see the attached picture.

Thank you for everything you do to find these animals good families and homes.  I hope his brothers and sister are equally well.

Warmest Regards,

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