Jack (formerly Ace)

ACE now named Jack is wonderful.  He is the friendliest most laid back dog I and anybody else  ever met.  He is obedient and really smart.  He likes to bury the last part of his raw hide bones in Tanya’a garden. He sleeps in his own temperpedic dog bed and does snore.  Having said all that  and given his wonderful disposition, he has a hunters heart and loves to chase the deer and the wild turkeys in our yard.  He cannot catch them but enjoys being the new sheriff  in the yard. He has taken his first heartworm pill and we put the anti tick solution   between his shoulders and will continue to do so for the rest of the year.  Just a wonderful dog.  He also goes to work with me in my office, licks every one and then sleeps under my desk oblivious to the ordinary business activity here.

Thanks so much
Bob, Tanya Elizabeth and Robbie Van Pelt

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