We have been home just 3 days and already you can see how much more comfortable Frieda is with us.  It is very obvious how much her previous parents loved her and I can understand why her foster had a hard time parting with her. She is an amazing dog.  As much as we have provided her with a loving home and a new pack of four legged friends, she has provided us with sweet puppy kisses and laughter. I have already caught the hardnosed Jeff sneaking her nummies and my indifferent mom has delighted in Frieda’s curiosity and playfulness. I cannot wait to take her and Becker to the beach in Florida. We will all enjoy seeing them run on the beach and play in the waves. It truly was our privilege to come get Frieda.  I will keep the pictures coming.

As you can see by this picture we no longer have the “no dogs on the bed rule” (that went out the window the first night).
Happy & Blessed

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