Fostering is the most direct way you can save a dog’s life.  Ask anyone who has fostered, there is nothing so rewarding as taking a throw away dog into your home and being the bridge to finding him his forever home and his 2nd chance at a great life.

Fostering means bringing a dog into your home and treating him as your own beloved companion. Fosters are needed for varying lengths of time ranging from a weekend to  on average, 3 weeks. A commitment to foster is on a per-dog basis, and we welcome occasional as well as ongoing foster families.

Also, as a foster, your experience with the dog will help Lulu’s identify the family in which he will flourish and bring tremendous joy. You will learn his personality, his level of training and perhaps training still needed and relay sweet stories regarding your pooch to Lulu’s Rescue for use in creating his Petfinder bio.

Sound good so far?  Here are more things to consider when making this decision to help save a life.

  • We encourage families that already have dogs and cats to foster, as this is key socialization for our rescue dogs as many perspective adopters already have one or more pets.
  • Everyone in your home should be committed to and excited about fostering a dog
  • You should be willing to crate or otherwise limit, (e.g., with the use of baby gates) access that your foster pooch will have to your home when you are not there.
  • You should be able to spend time with your foster dog including helping him with leash manners and simple obedience training.  Foster dogs do not need an abundance of time; most of our fosters work full time jobs. Overall, your most important responsibility is to prepare your foster for his new life in his forever home. When choosing the dog you wish to foster remember that young puppies require more attention (more frequent meals and bathroom breaks) than older dogs.
  • All expenses are taken care of by Lulu’s Rescue. Any vet care is covered by LuLu’s, however you may be asked to take the dog to the vet and follow through on any care required (e.g., giving medication).
  • Remember that all kinds of dogs need our help, don’t rule out fostering because you feel you have some limitations. These wonderful dogs would rather be enjoying the comforts of your home and the love of your family than sitting in a frightening, cold animal control facility as their time runs out.


If this experience sounds fun and rewarding to you, the next step is to complete a foster application form.   We will review your application and set up a home visit to meet you and your family. Finally, if you know others who would be interested in fostering please share this webpage with them.  The number of dogs we can rescue is directly proportionate to the number of foster homes we have. We are always looking to grow our foster network and save more dogs as we work on educating the public on the importance of spay/neuter and helping to bring about the day when there will be no more homeless pets.


Foster application in Microsoft Word click here 


Application should be emailed to once complete.