Eat, Bark Bid

Eat, Bark, Bid Event
The dog days of summer are really for the dogs this year, Lulu’s Rescue’s dogs. Eat, Bark, Bid is wonderful event, taking place on August 10 beginning at 5:00 P.M., which supports Lulu’s Rescue. It is a celebration that focuses on the work that Lulu’s has accomplished in the past year and the future work they plan to do in the upcoming year with help from supporters like you. This all takes place at an amazing setting while eating a delicious farm-to-table meal. What more could dog lovers ask for!
The event is held at Carousel Lavender Farm. Carousel Lavender Farm is located in Mechanicsville, PA and is a truly unbelievable setting. The lavender fields, the details in each garden and the charm of the buildings are enough to make Martha Stewart drool. Oh wait; maybe that is why she did a ten page article on this residence in her magazine, Martha Stewart Living. Residing here my whole life and attended last year’s Eat, Bark, Bid at this location, I can honestly say it is Bucks County at it’s finest. The fact that they graciously host this event is just a wonderful tribute to power of coming together to support a worthy cause.
Eat, Bark, Bid is catered by Max Hansen, another true Bucks County treasure. Max is known for his innovative meals created with local ingredients and served with utmost beauty. Max has a bio that includes working with the many great culinary artists such as: Julia Child and Michel Rostang. With all that said, his food is simply delicious and just another amazing aspect of this evening.
Please consider joining us for this fun, beautiful, delicious evening all in the name of helping dogs in need. Ticket information can be found on Lulu’s website.

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