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Eat, Bark Bid

Eat, Bark, Bid Event
The dog days of summer are really for the dogs this year, Lulu’s Rescue’s dogs. Eat, Bark, Bid is wonderful event, taking place on August 10 beginning at 5:00 P.M., which supports Lulu’s Rescue. It is a celebration that focuses on the work that Lulu’s has accomplished in the past year and the future work they plan to do in the upcoming year with help from supporters like you. This all takes place at an amazing setting while eating a delicious farm-to-table meal. What more could dog lovers ask for!
The event is held at Carousel Lavender Farm. Carousel Lavender Farm is located in Mechanicsville, PA and is a truly unbelievable setting. The lavender fields, the details in each garden and the charm of the buildings are enough to make Martha Stewart drool. Oh wait; maybe that is why she did a ten page article on this residence in her magazine, Martha Stewart Living. Residing here my whole life and attended last year’s Eat, Bark, Bid at this location, I can honestly say it is Bucks County at it’s finest. The fact that they graciously host this event is just a wonderful tribute to power of coming together to support a worthy cause.
Eat, Bark, Bid is catered by Max Hansen, another true Bucks County treasure. Max is known for his innovative meals created with local ingredients and served with utmost beauty. Max has a bio that includes working with the many great culinary artists such as: Julia Child and Michel Rostang. With all that said, his food is simply delicious and just another amazing aspect of this evening.
Please consider joining us for this fun, beautiful, delicious evening all in the name of helping dogs in need. Ticket information can be found on Lulu’s website.

Kids Now A Days

“Kids now a days”. Every generation has said it about anyone that is younger than them. What does this statement really mean? Is it always used as a negative? Well, not in this case. The kids that are associated with Lulu’s are an amazing example of the next generation. They are smart, kind, and service-oriented. This blog focuses on one young volunteer in particular- a kid – ANYONE, ANY AGE -would be happy to know.
Meet Hailey, a seventh grader from Doylestown, PA. As a life long dog lover, Hailey was drawn to the Lulu’s Rescue tent at the Tinicum Arts Festival this summer. She has been volunteering ever since.  Nothing can stop her from volunteering, not even embarrassing situations that might send other teenagers running (What would you have done at age 13 if a dog you were charge of peed all over the pet store floor in front of a crowd?). She understands the bigger picture of how appreciative both dogs and people are of her hard work and she loves seeing that “big smile” on both canine and human faces.
So what can we learn from Hailey? Her message is not just for teenagers, it is for everyone. When asked what she would tell people about volunteering her words ring true for ANYONE, ANY AGE. “I would tell them to have fun with it! There are so many cool ways to volunteer! People think it’s boring and that if you don’t get paid it’s not worth it. That is so not true! Just include what you like with it and have fun!”

Lulu’s Runs on Volunteers

Volunteering. We all think about it. We all know we should. The truth is, it really does make a difference. The next few blogs will focus on Lulu’ Rescue’s volunteers and their stories. Maybe you will read their stories and think “ I could do that.” or “That sounds like me”. Maybe they will inspire you to find an organization that you are passionate about and start volunteering like those featured here.
Meet Kristin. After asking her a few questions, I could tell she is a true Lulu’s Rockstar Volunteer. She understands and supports Lulu’s mission of educating about spaying and neutering so that high kill shelters will no longer need to exist. She believes with education, from a rescue like Lulu’s, people will begin to understand how senseless dogs dying (14,000 per day) in shelters truly is. She takes educating the public seriously and will not hesitate to call the cops on someone breaking a doggy law, but we will save that story for another blog!
With a “boring” background in insurance, Kristin found her way to Lulu’s Rescue 5 months ago and has never looked back. She is currently fostering 3 of Lulu’s dog along with her beloved Lab, Molly. Due to her doggy experience, Kristin sometimes get a pup that needs more socialization, education, compassion, and love. Right now she is working with Timmy (he can be found in the Our Dog section of the website).
Read Kristin’s words about Timmy:

“When I first brought him home he did nothing but tremble in the corner, run away from me. If you made direct eye contact, he would pee himself. If you touched his collar, he would pee himself. I’ve learned the real meaning of selflessness with this pup. He broke my heart with how much he feared people. I work with him every day. The first time he went into his crate, on his own, without peeing himself or freezing in fear. I celebrated. I was able to celebrate again when he came over to sit next to me on the kitchen floor. And again, I celebrated when on my birthday 7/8 – he took a treat from my hand. Every day is something new, some new way he is trusting me. He has come so far. He now plays with toys occasionally. He rolled over in the yard last week to show me his belly! He comes most of the time when I call him. I can gaze into his eyes and tell him I love him and he doesn’t run away. It will be some more time before he understands people are good – but he’s making strides with meeting new people. I’ve taken him to the neighbors consistently and he is starting to enjoy it. I recently met with some dog friends at the Delaware River for a puppy play date and he had such a wonderful time! I think it was the first time I saw him smile. I guess moments like that – Timmy smiling – is why we all do this, right?!”

The Three Amigos

“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.”
― Stanley Coren

When I saw this quote, I smiled and thought of my new “three amigos“. This is what I call my new group of Lulu’s dogs that I am currently walking. I have always heard that rescue dogs are more “appreciative”, but I wondered how this could be. Now I see it with my own eyes on each walk.
First, I take out the dynamic duo- Maddie and Rosie. Two dogs of different ages, backgrounds, and colors, but yet the best of friends- wouldn‘t we like to see more of that among humans? It takes us a few minutes to get organized (me more so then them), but once our walk begins, it is pure joy. They run, sniff, greet strangers, and celebrate being part of this world. Although I enjoy the walk, my favorite part is the ride home. Windows down, ears flapping, they yawn, circle twice, and lay down for a nap. I swear if the ride was longer they would be having the sweetest dreams! These girls will bring pure joy to their new families. They are so thankful for each minute of each day.
After dropping off the girls, I pick up Buddy. Buddy is a great guy. I think Buddy has the perfect name because if he were a human he would be Will Farrell in the movie ELF (also named Buddy). He is so kind, pure-hearted and energetic about everything and everyone. Remember that scene in the movie when Will Farrell finds out Santa is coming to the department store? That’s how Buddy approaches you and the time you are willing to spend with him. He walks so well on an easy walker (harness style) and he has an innate interest in his partner. Today on a wood trail, he was on a long leash, but kept circling back to check on me and my wishes. This is a great skill for dogs that go hiking off leash. He is a fast learner and he will make you smile in the process.
Please consider finding out more about the three amigos in this blog. Their profiles can be seen under “Our Dogs“. They are so ready for their forever homes!

What’s That Dog’s Story?

One of the things I noticed while walking Lulu’s Rescue’s dogs is that people like to ask “What is the story of this dog?” As humans, we are fascinated by all stories from the beginning to the end. Our own story helps us become the people we are today. We fill our stories with good and bad decisions. We learn and grow and often replay those decisions over and over again in our heads. We place blame on things from our past or use them as excuses for why we are not moving forward. But it is so different for dogs. They don’t make excuses for their beginnings.

Dogs live in the present. Their story starts the first time you see them wag their tails, the first time they get to hang their heads out of a car window and enjoy being a dog. Their story begins when you walk, and play, and love them for the first time. This is the story that needs to be told, to be written, to be remembered. It may not be an easy story to create. It takes patience, time, energy, structure, knowledge and love. It grows and grows and grows as you and your dog become the main characters in the best tale of your times.

So when you look at a rescue dog for the first time, don’t focus on the story of his or her past. Focus on the next chapter. The chapter that he or she will begin with you. Look past the scars, the “what ifs”, the “I wonders” and move forward together. Write a story that makes your heart sing. A story that when you look back over it in years, it makes you laugh, cry and love just like you did on that very first day.
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