Boone (formerly Josh)


Hi Wendy and Lulu’s Rescue!

Here are a few pictures of Boone (formerly known as Josh).  He has settled in well and we are loving him so much!  He is still so very sweet and mellow and loves everyone he meets.  He is very popular in our neighborhood and at the local dog park.  We are all getting so much exercise!  We go on walks 3-4x per day – he’s pretty good on the leash although the squirrels are just so tempting to chase these days.  Most afternoons we go to a neighbor’s house to run flat out and play tug-of-war and wrestle for an hour.   That’s Boone with his friend Casey in the bottom left photo.  Fortunately he sleeps as hard as he plays.  He and the cats still haven’t settled things but we are working on it.  The chickens are interesting to Boone but their poop is so much better….we’re not sure what to do about that!  Maybe in the next few weeks we will try obedience training.

We’ve met a pure bred Black Mouth Cur who protects her chickens from hawks and fox and Boone got the stamp of approval from her owners!  They thought he was perhaps purebred and we got a bargain!  Who knows.  We sat in their chicken coop with 4 bantam hens, 8 baby chicks and a bunny with the 2 dogs and chatted for awhile.  The dogs were amazingly calm, low key and Boone, although ultra curious, followed the other dog’s lead.  So something of the Black Mouth Cur must be in him!!

So thank you so very much for offering him to us.  He has a loving family and home and it’s one of your many success stories I hope.


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