Big Ted

big-ted-2 big-tedHi –
Just wanted to say thanks so much for bringing big Ted to us. He’s such a mush and seems like he will fit in just fine here. He’s currently snoring away on his dog bed.

He doesn’t seem quite ready to play with our dog yet, though she keeps trying. She knocked him right in the face with her paw last night and he just brushed it off, like the big gentle giant that he is! I’m sure that will come in time when he’s more comfortable.

I’ve attached some pictures…one of the car ride home and the other of the two “kids” posing. Makes our pup Izzy look tiny! He loves Mike and spent most of the morning licking his face while Mike was still in bed…fine by me!! Our bed is perfect Ted head height for him to rest his big giant head right on the bed.


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