Thank you so much…so sorry we missed you!!! Bandit is a doll! I have attached some photos with our family. He and Kodi couldn’t have done better together. I took them on a walk together (by myself) and Kodi walked better on the leash than he ever has because he was waiting for Bandit to keep up. Right now, Bandit just settled in his crate and Kodi is lying at my feet.

I think this was meant to be. We had been looking for a while and I have no idea what made me apply and write to you at midnight last night. PLUS you answered at midnight. If you wouldn’t have…we would not have gotten to the meet and greet today and probably would not have met Bandit.

I will keep you up to date with photos. I hope to meet you one day and thank you for all of you worth for the animals. THAT IS AWESOME!!!

Take care and have a good week.

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