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Good afternoon,
This was Coopers first hike. I wanted to thank you for putting up with my eagerness to adopt him. I love him to pieces. We are having lots of fun and hopefully looking to register for the walk in October…pending our move to our new home. Thanks again so much for my new companion. He’s amazing!



Eric-and-Bella bella1 Kevin-and-Bella

Hi Everyone

It’s been a few months since I adopted my sweet Bella and wanted to share some recent pics of her and her new family.  She is an amazing puppy and has brought such joy to all of us.  There is nothing like a puppy racing at full speed to greet you at the door everytime; even if you just went outside for a few minutes.

We really take her everywhere with us so she has had lots of adventures.  She loves Scott’s cabin where we have taken her for her first 4-wheeler ride.  Just some general pics of Bella so you can see how big (not so much – she is about 14 lbs now) she is!

Shelley Ciresa

Riley (formerly Cocoa)


Hello to every wonderful person at LuLu’s Rescue!

I just wanted to give you an update on Riley (formerly Cocoa).  She is simply amazing and SO intelligent!  We have been going to training classes, and she picks up so quickly.  She knows sit, stay, wait, look, and come.  We are doing great at waiting for the door to be open and invited in before bolting through the door and just starting figuring out what ‘down’ means!

Riley is my little cuddle bug on the couch until she gets too tired and curls up at the end for the night (sleeping outside of the crate!).  Each night we have a fun little routine.  When I see she has settled for the night (always between 9:30pm-10:30pm), I go and get myself ready for bed.  Then I give her head two kisses and shut off the lights.  Like clockwork, as soon as I’m in bed, she comes over, puts her paws on my bed and looks for me.  I give her a nice puppy hug and then she goes on her way back to the couch where she stays for the majority of the night.

We are working on our greetings to other four legged friends, and two legged friends, but she still gets so darn excited!  Slowly but surely we are making some great progress on her greetings!

My life is so different and so much more wonderful now that Riley is in it.  She brings so much light and joy to everything we do now, no words will do it justice.  I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of her family.  We are doing great and I’ll keep you posted with pictures and updates on how she is doing.

Thank you again, to everyone at LuLu’s Rescue.  You are all doing such an amazing job and making so many lives better!  People are puppies!



p.s. The attached photo is of Riley practicing her sit and wait!


oliver-2 oliver-3 oliver-1

Just wanted to share some pictures of Oliver on his first vacation on a houseboat.  We adopted Oliver from you in January.  He is one awesome puppy.  Everyone loves him.

Thank you again for rescuing him!

Whiskey (formerly Tweenie)

tweenie-1 tweenie-2

Hi Maribeth,

Things are going really well! We did change her name- she is now Whiskey. I feel like she settled in pretty quickly and without any big problems. Now that she has been here for a few weeks we have started working on getting her to walk better on the leash, learn “sit”, and little things like that. She also had her first vet visit and he said everything looked good.

Right now my schedule varies day to day but pretty much all falls 9-7 so I usually walk her when I get up in the morning and then maybe a little play time but after that I think she goes back to bed until Rob wakes up. She gets breakfast with him. Some days I work later and Rob gives her dinner too but other days I’m home for that. She usually gets tired by bedtime and we have to wake her up out of her doggy bed for her last trip outside for the night. She has made a few friends with other dogs in the complex- her and the pug neighbor like to greet each other if we run into them outside. There are a couple of bigger dogs she loves to play with at the doggy park when we run into them too.


Jack (formerly Ace)

ACE now named Jack is wonderful.  He is the friendliest most laid back dog I and anybody else  ever met.  He is obedient and really smart.  He likes to bury the last part of his raw hide bones in Tanya’a garden. He sleeps in his own temperpedic dog bed and does snore.  Having said all that  and given his wonderful disposition, he has a hunters heart and loves to chase the deer and the wild turkeys in our yard.  He cannot catch them but enjoys being the new sheriff  in the yard. He has taken his first heartworm pill and we put the anti tick solution   between his shoulders and will continue to do so for the rest of the year.  Just a wonderful dog.  He also goes to work with me in my office, licks every one and then sleeps under my desk oblivious to the ordinary business activity here.

Thanks so much
Bob, Tanya Elizabeth and Robbie Van Pelt



We love Foxy she is a perfect fit in our family. We are so glad that we just happened to be watching the News that morning when Lulu’s was on. I think it is great what you guys do, you are all Amazing!!!

Charlie’s First Month!


Hello Lulu’s Rescue,
Thought I should give an update on how Charlie has been doing with us.

Charlie continues to receive many compliments about his laidback and calm personality and also about his mixed breed info. He’s gotten used to the city life. He enjoys the hikes we have taken him out on weekends. He’s been a wonderful addition to our family! He’s loved very much by friends and family. He walks well on a leash, although, on occasion when he gets excited – we have to redirect him.

We are very lucky to have him! He provides us with unconditional love, kisses, cuddles, and comedic relief.

Thank you again for helping him be a part of our lives!

Lisbeth, Cesar, and Charlie



Bella is settled in.  What a great dog!  She loves my daughters and is enjoying being part of the family.  She has such a wonderful disposition and is a lot of fun.  She loves to play ball and with her stuffed hippo which she needs a new one already.  It’s sad….she has no idea what to do with a dog bone ;(  She is enjoying herself running around the yard. Boy, she is fast once she gets going.  She is hesitant around new people but warms up.  A little slower to warm up to males but she is coming around.  Making her doctor’s appointment today since vacation was postponed until the end of the month due to everyone being sick.

Know Bella is in good hands and being loved every second of the day.  Will send more pictures!




Chase is doing very well.  He’s loving his backyard and is great on a leash.  He also LOVES car rides, without a crate!  He loves sticking his head out the window and feeling the breeze.  We’re so thrilled with the progress Chase has made adjusting to his new home.  We fell in love with this little boy on the first day we met him, and we’re so happy that we found him!!

Attached is a picture of Chase with what he call his “Elvis lip”.  Feel free to pass along these photos/info to his old family if they inquired about him, and let them know he is the king of the castle here!

Thank you,

Charlie’s First Day!


Thank you all so much for your help in having him a part of our lives! He’s been great and we were able to get him a harness that same day which he seems to be responding better, we plan on taking classes with him next Sunday for leash. He does love his walks and he’s received so many compliments as we headed up to our apt to introduce him to his new home.

Again, thank you so much! Attached is a collage of his first day!

-Lisbeth and Cesar

Abby (Frieda) Update!


It has been 2 months since we brought Abby home. She continues to be an outstanding addition to our family. Her current favorite thing (besides car rides) is running the property.  She is such a joy!



Thank you so much…so sorry we missed you!!! Bandit is a doll! I have attached some photos with our family. He and Kodi couldn’t have done better together. I took them on a walk together (by myself) and Kodi walked better on the leash than he ever has because he was waiting for Bandit to keep up. Right now, Bandit just settled in his crate and Kodi is lying at my feet.

I think this was meant to be. We had been looking for a while and I have no idea what made me apply and write to you at midnight last night. PLUS you answered at midnight. If you wouldn’t have…we would not have gotten to the meet and greet today and probably would not have met Bandit.

I will keep you up to date with photos. I hope to meet you one day and thank you for all of you worth for the animals. THAT IS AWESOME!!!

Take care and have a good week.



Here are some pictures of Raleigh. From the first meeting with Teri to the second day spent snuggling with my 11 year old son.

She is settling in nicely. I take her for a run in the morning. Because I’m a teacher and only have short meetings we haven’t had to leave her alone too long, but when we do she is very well behaved and so happy when we get home. She enjoys going on car rides and is learning not to chase the cats. She has met lots of dogs in the neighborhood and had some great play times with them. She is a bit scared of new men she hasn’t met but loves kids immensely.

Please tell her family that we already love her dearly. She is a huge blessing to us and has made my kids’ dreams come true.




Lulu Rescue et al,

Thanks for the help in getting our new family member Fred. He is full of energy as promised and has been great so far. He seems to be learning and settling in well with little to no signs of any anxiety. As promised I have attached a picture of the lil guy. We will send you a cooler action shot soon enough.




I just had to tell you how much we are enjoying Piper! We can’t imagine not having her!

The pictures attached are Piper, and Piper snuggling with her ‘big brother’ Quincy.

Thank you so much for the work that you do!

Lulu (formerly Rita)


I wanted to give you an update on Lulu (formerly known as Rita) What a great dog! She has been adjusting so well. She enjoys her routine and really gets on well with her little brother Eddie (a Jack Russell rescue).

I hope you guys win the TV interview.  We have been voting and it looks like you are way ahead.

Warm regards

Big Ted

big-ted-2 big-tedHi –
Just wanted to say thanks so much for bringing big Ted to us. He’s such a mush and seems like he will fit in just fine here. He’s currently snoring away on his dog bed.

He doesn’t seem quite ready to play with our dog yet, though she keeps trying. She knocked him right in the face with her paw last night and he just brushed it off, like the big gentle giant that he is! I’m sure that will come in time when he’s more comfortable.

I’ve attached some pictures…one of the car ride home and the other of the two “kids” posing. Makes our pup Izzy look tiny! He loves Mike and spent most of the morning licking his face while Mike was still in bed…fine by me!! Our bed is perfect Ted head height for him to rest his big giant head right on the bed.




Skipper was renamed Charlie (which we felt suited him) and is basically the greatest puppy ever. We absolutely love him and we think he loves his new life. He is great with dogs, people, cats, new situations…just truly a good boy. We take him with us to the Stockton Market, on trail walks, to New Hope, my barn….he’s very adaptable. He can be puppyish, but most of the time, we think he’s an old soul in a puppy’s body. He is intelligent and willing to learn anything (very food motivated). He got Stay and Wait and Sit and Down in the first week. “Come” when he’s on a scent is our biggest challenge, but he is getting better. Hope to see you at an event soon.

Kathy and Tim


A Sirius update =]
As promised, some more photos. Thank you again for helping us bring home our best friend. He loves the beach and checking out my drawings of him..and I wake up every morning like the first pic below! He is growing so fast, is admired everywhere we bring him, and has already made great friends with my aunt’s guide dogs (and every other dog he’s met). He is a joy to train- Only took him a half hour for me to teach him roll over yesterday ^_^. He is perfect in every way. Ugh…hard to imagine life before our dog! Hope you are well and thank you again to you and Lulu’s!



We have been home just 3 days and already you can see how much more comfortable Frieda is with us.  It is very obvious how much her previous parents loved her and I can understand why her foster had a hard time parting with her. She is an amazing dog.  As much as we have provided her with a loving home and a new pack of four legged friends, she has provided us with sweet puppy kisses and laughter. I have already caught the hardnosed Jeff sneaking her nummies and my indifferent mom has delighted in Frieda’s curiosity and playfulness. I cannot wait to take her and Becker to the beach in Florida. We will all enjoy seeing them run on the beach and play in the waves. It truly was our privilege to come get Frieda.  I will keep the pictures coming.

As you can see by this picture we no longer have the “no dogs on the bed rule” (that went out the window the first night).
Happy & Blessed




Fletcher (a.k.a., Sir) has definitely warmed his way into our hearts.  He is a very sweet and happy puppy.  Everyone melts when they meet him.  He is very smart, and is learning very quickly.  My daughter has already taught him the “sit” command!

We want to thank everyone ay LuLu’s Rescue for helping us find him, and for all that you do to help all of your pets find forever homes

I have attached a couple of pictures of Fletcher for you.

Thank you,
Barb and Joe

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Tommy and Penny

Penny is a dog lover. Even though she was already the guardian of four dogs, Penny couldn’t help but “peek” at some rescue sites. Lulu’s is so glad that she did. Penny fell in love with a dog, Tommy, that no one thought would ever get his second chance. Tommy is a thirteen year old poodle that was neglected and bedraggled.

After seeing his profile, Penny knew she had to have him (“Imagine-13 years old and no home!”). She drove over two hours to meet his transport truck. Penny sums it up best by saying, “I immediately held him in my arms and I know that he knew he had finally found his forever home and that he would be safe with me.”

The rest, as they say, is history. With four canine siblings and Penny, Tommy walks at the park each day. He is absolutely beautiful with a now healthy, well groomed coat. He never leaves Penny side and enjoys life to the fullest. “Tommy is truly a gift from God, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to bring him into my family.”

Kids Now A Days

“Kids now a days”. Every generation has said it about anyone that is younger than them. What does this statement really mean? Is it always used as a negative? Well, not in this case. The kids that are associated with Lulu’s are an amazing example of the next generation. They are smart, kind, and service-oriented. This blog focuses on one young volunteer in particular- a kid – ANYONE, ANY AGE -would be happy to know.
Meet Hailey, a seventh grader from Doylestown, PA. As a life long dog lover, Hailey was drawn to the Lulu’s Rescue tent at the Tinicum Arts Festival this summer. She has been volunteering ever since.  Nothing can stop her from volunteering, not even embarrassing situations that might send other teenagers running (What would you have done at age 13 if a dog you were charge of peed all over the pet store floor in front of a crowd?). She understands the bigger picture of how appreciative both dogs and people are of her hard work and she loves seeing that “big smile” on both canine and human faces.
So what can we learn from Hailey? Her message is not just for teenagers, it is for everyone. When asked what she would tell people about volunteering her words ring true for ANYONE, ANY AGE. “I would tell them to have fun with it! There are so many cool ways to volunteer! People think it’s boring and that if you don’t get paid it’s not worth it. That is so not true! Just include what you like with it and have fun!”

Lulu’s Runs on Volunteers

Volunteering. We all think about it. We all know we should. The truth is, it really does make a difference. The next few blogs will focus on Lulu’ Rescue’s volunteers and their stories. Maybe you will read their stories and think “ I could do that.” or “That sounds like me”. Maybe they will inspire you to find an organization that you are passionate about and start volunteering like those featured here.
Meet Kristin. After asking her a few questions, I could tell she is a true Lulu’s Rockstar Volunteer. She understands and supports Lulu’s mission of educating about spaying and neutering so that high kill shelters will no longer need to exist. She believes with education, from a rescue like Lulu’s, people will begin to understand how senseless dogs dying (14,000 per day) in shelters truly is. She takes educating the public seriously and will not hesitate to call the cops on someone breaking a doggy law, but we will save that story for another blog!
With a “boring” background in insurance, Kristin found her way to Lulu’s Rescue 5 months ago and has never looked back. She is currently fostering 3 of Lulu’s dog along with her beloved Lab, Molly. Due to her doggy experience, Kristin sometimes get a pup that needs more socialization, education, compassion, and love. Right now she is working with Timmy (he can be found in the Our Dog section of the website).
Read Kristin’s words about Timmy:

“When I first brought him home he did nothing but tremble in the corner, run away from me. If you made direct eye contact, he would pee himself. If you touched his collar, he would pee himself. I’ve learned the real meaning of selflessness with this pup. He broke my heart with how much he feared people. I work with him every day. The first time he went into his crate, on his own, without peeing himself or freezing in fear. I celebrated. I was able to celebrate again when he came over to sit next to me on the kitchen floor. And again, I celebrated when on my birthday 7/8 – he took a treat from my hand. Every day is something new, some new way he is trusting me. He has come so far. He now plays with toys occasionally. He rolled over in the yard last week to show me his belly! He comes most of the time when I call him. I can gaze into his eyes and tell him I love him and he doesn’t run away. It will be some more time before he understands people are good – but he’s making strides with meeting new people. I’ve taken him to the neighbors consistently and he is starting to enjoy it. I recently met with some dog friends at the Delaware River for a puppy play date and he had such a wonderful time! I think it was the first time I saw him smile. I guess moments like that – Timmy smiling – is why we all do this, right?!”

The Three Amigos

“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.”
― Stanley Coren

When I saw this quote, I smiled and thought of my new “three amigos“. This is what I call my new group of Lulu’s dogs that I am currently walking. I have always heard that rescue dogs are more “appreciative”, but I wondered how this could be. Now I see it with my own eyes on each walk.
First, I take out the dynamic duo- Maddie and Rosie. Two dogs of different ages, backgrounds, and colors, but yet the best of friends- wouldn‘t we like to see more of that among humans? It takes us a few minutes to get organized (me more so then them), but once our walk begins, it is pure joy. They run, sniff, greet strangers, and celebrate being part of this world. Although I enjoy the walk, my favorite part is the ride home. Windows down, ears flapping, they yawn, circle twice, and lay down for a nap. I swear if the ride was longer they would be having the sweetest dreams! These girls will bring pure joy to their new families. They are so thankful for each minute of each day.
After dropping off the girls, I pick up Buddy. Buddy is a great guy. I think Buddy has the perfect name because if he were a human he would be Will Farrell in the movie ELF (also named Buddy). He is so kind, pure-hearted and energetic about everything and everyone. Remember that scene in the movie when Will Farrell finds out Santa is coming to the department store? That’s how Buddy approaches you and the time you are willing to spend with him. He walks so well on an easy walker (harness style) and he has an innate interest in his partner. Today on a wood trail, he was on a long leash, but kept circling back to check on me and my wishes. This is a great skill for dogs that go hiking off leash. He is a fast learner and he will make you smile in the process.
Please consider finding out more about the three amigos in this blog. Their profiles can be seen under “Our Dogs“. They are so ready for their forever homes!

What’s That Dog’s Story?

One of the things I noticed while walking Lulu’s Rescue’s dogs is that people like to ask “What is the story of this dog?” As humans, we are fascinated by all stories from the beginning to the end. Our own story helps us become the people we are today. We fill our stories with good and bad decisions. We learn and grow and often replay those decisions over and over again in our heads. We place blame on things from our past or use them as excuses for why we are not moving forward. But it is so different for dogs. They don’t make excuses for their beginnings.

Dogs live in the present. Their story starts the first time you see them wag their tails, the first time they get to hang their heads out of a car window and enjoy being a dog. Their story begins when you walk, and play, and love them for the first time. This is the story that needs to be told, to be written, to be remembered. It may not be an easy story to create. It takes patience, time, energy, structure, knowledge and love. It grows and grows and grows as you and your dog become the main characters in the best tale of your times.

So when you look at a rescue dog for the first time, don’t focus on the story of his or her past. Focus on the next chapter. The chapter that he or she will begin with you. Look past the scars, the “what ifs”, the “I wonders” and move forward together. Write a story that makes your heart sing. A story that when you look back over it in years, it makes you laugh, cry and love just like you did on that very first day.
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Mac: A Puppy Hungry for Love

I began fostering Mac for Lulu’s Rescue on Sunday, November 20. He’s a yellow lab mix who is about 9 months old, and who looked at first like he had been fed for maybe seven of those nine months. This poor boy’s ribs were clearly visible, as were his spine and his shoulder bones. Nevertheless, he was as happy as could be, bounding off the transport from North Carolina onto his flailing puppy legs. His first act in the state of New Jersey was to try to get the other dogs in the parking lot to play with him.

Back at my house, Mac quickly learned that feeding time meant nice, big bowls full of Blue Buffalo puppy food. He also figured out where the treat bowl is kept and realized that if he sat politely, an endless stream of goodies would come his way. He takes each treat gently, almost delicately, as if he truly appreciates every single bite.

Out in the backyard, Mac made fast friends with my nearly 2-year-old boy, Blue (also a Lulu’s Rescue success story). They play chase and tug and wrestle all day long, sprinting their hearts out and then curling up together for naps. I began taking Mac on the daily walks that Blue and I enjoy, and much to my surprise, Mac walked nicely on the leash. He mostly stayed by my side, without any corrections needed. He’s just a natural at being a good dog.

Mac’s first Thanksgiving was spent with my family, who taught him the joys of turkey scraps and gravy. He’s up to a normal weight of 50 pounds now, he knows “sit” and is working on “lie down,” he is crate trained, and he’s house-trained including use of my doggie door. Everyone who meets him comments on how beautiful he is. He especially loves to meet kids and other dogs. Mac has one of those personalities that just oozes affection. He’s a charmer, plain and simple.

When I first met Mac, he was hungry for food. Now, he’s just hungry for the love of a permanent family. If you are interested in adopting Mac, please apply via Lulu’s Rescue.


—Kim Kavin, foster Mom for Lulu’s Rescue

Murray + Roscoe

Dear Michele + Meredith:

I can’t tell you how long it took me to get this shot! I can’t thank you enough for these beautiful dogs. They are both doing great. Keeping an eye on Roscoe’s condition and trying to train him to walk up a ramp instead of rabbit hopping up my two steps. No luck yet–he prefers to hop. But he’s hopping pretty well lately I have to admit. He is a complete joy all the time. I’ve started working with Murray to be a good leash walker so that we can take long walks every day. He is very smart and a total goofball at the same time! He discovered this week that kitchen counters have really cool things on them and he keeps stealing stuff and bringing it to Roscoe. He alternates between trying to get the old dude to wrestle and bringing him presents. And patient Uncle Roscoe just puts up with it all, that tail wagging non-stop.

Jim and I are having so much fun with them…one of my favorite things (besides walking in the woods with Murray) is to sit on the couch reading with Murray’s head in my lap and Roscoe at my feet. Life is good. Thank you again for all that you do





He is an absolute joy. He may have won the puppy lottery but I know I did! He is really good. The one change that has happened is that my staff and I voted to change his name. No one was fond of Miggs so we took a poll and his new name as of Monday is Hank. He just looks like a Hank. Can not explain it but it really fits him! He has been so busy meeting people. Neighbors, office staff and clients, my mother ( his grandmother who is 91 and absolutely adores him). He has been in a number of new places and really has been so good.   He sleeps through the night on a bed next to mine although I wake him to take him out just for piece of mind around 2 AM. He already has staff members fighting to take him out. He is so spoiled already. One female staff went home Monday night and baked dog biscuits for him and brought them in today. He is a real love. He gives every one kisses and actually doesn’t know when to stop. Hank is just so cute!
He is a great traveler too. I put a cage in my car and he just lays down and rest the whole trip. Not one noise from him. This is good because on Thursday we leave for Penn State to see friends and the game on Sat. He will be in the cage while at the game but everyone there will be all over him before and after, he might like the rest during the game.
Will keep you posted on his progress. So far so good!!
Thank You!
Howard + Hank


Hi AJ, Barry and Lulus,

As you requested, an update on Minnie. She is doing GREAT! She loves Brooklyn and has met all the neighbors, human and dog, and is adored by all. She just finished the week with no accidents in the house, and she is loving her morning runs with her pokey mistress and evenings going bananas in the local dog park. Minnie says hello and sends kisses and says THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking such good care of her. She is so happy, sweet and loving, it is clear she has had a very lucky dog life so far. Enclosed are photos of her arrival in Brooklyn, in the kitchen with her best bud Peewee, and meeting new friends at the dog park. Take care!




Abigail is doing so well. She had her vet visit, and, of course, everyone there loved her. She got a nice clean bill of health and the vet complimented her on her sweet disposition and her pretty white teeth 🙂

I’ve also found a wonderful dog walker, Katlyn, who comes in the middle of the day to walk and play with Abigail. Every day I get a little note telling me what they did together, what treats she ate, and what a sweet girl she is (which I already know, of course).

I don’t think there’s much else to report, except that I just adore her. She’s the best part of my day. She has a great appetite and never turns down a treat! We’ve been working on a few new tricks, including rolling over. Not quite there yet, as she gets a little distracted at the prospect of a tummy rub, but we’re making progress. I started leaving her out of her crate in small increments and now she has free reign of the apartment during the day. She has been very good and not at all destructive. I’m happier knowing she isn’t cooped up during the day, although she still goes in her crate sometimes to lay on her pillow and spend quality alone time chewing up her latest toy.

Thank you for checking in!


You are all absolute Angels for matching us with Rex. We feel so fortunate to be entrusted with his care, and we’re incredibly glad you helped him find us too. It’s been a truly blissful weekend all around.

After meeting Rex outside Kris’ house, he let us know he was expecting us…  He bellyflopped on me inside and gave his best snuggles & got a wink from my husband. When I started to fill out the paperwork he grabbed his leash and jumped into my lap between me and the papers. We completely melted.

We took him to my Mom’s home in Solebury to meet our 5-1/2 year old. She was waiting in the back field by the stream… when she saw Rex she ran to him, and we ran to her.  After squealing “Is it my new puppy? Is it Rex?” & “He’s sooooo adooorable about 10,000 times he got to meet everyone else.

He bellyflopped in the stream & splashed water into the air with his nose – literally from side to side, like a kid splashing in a pool!!! He stretched in the sunny grass with 6 of my family members, my Mom’s Lab “Noodles”, and a neighbors chihuahua “Nacho”.  He found a toad. He blended in beautifully. He figured out he was top dog within an hour.  He even started to show protectiveness by standing between “Noodles” and the 3 of us, giving friendly & strong warning barks.

We came home after a good while, put a chicken in the oven, walked the property, & explored the house. Rex & I laid out his keepsakes from Kris on the couch after he helped me clean the chicken – good boy! The whole family watched a movie together on the couch, and then he slept in our bed like a big baby.

He is a fantastic friend. Not pushy in the least, & he can literally laze across all 3 of us.

This morning we had a long run & walk in the field next door. At lunch Rex met more family in the yard and he was such a polite, gracious host!  Every new introduction was met with rapid & sincere tail wagging. He doesn’t bark at neighbors or cars.  He only “spoke up” today when he thought our daughter was being hurt (ie. kids wrestling on the trampoline)

We have all been inseparable.  Rex and our daughter are sleeping together right now as I write this short novella. They are adorable together.

Job Well Done LuLu’s Rescue. Puppy saved. Family saved.


Zoey 7-8 months small

Our newest addition. She was rescued from North Carolina, and brought to us via Lulu’s Rescue. Zoey is so sweet and such a good girl. If anyone is interested in adopting a dog, please find Lulu’s Rescue on Facebook! They are the nicest people to work with.


Captain Bob

Capt. Bob & new family

Leigh I just wanted to thank you and all the dedicated volunteers at Lulu’s Rescue for a wonderful adoption experience. When we lost our dog we wanted to share the love we had for him with another. Knowing that there were animals out there who needed a family as much as we needed a family member, we looked to petfinder. I’ve always been a sucker for the tall, dark, and handsome type so I submitted an application.

The thing that struck us was your commitment to finding the right dog for the right family. When we met Captain Bob we knew that he was the missing part of our family. Now that he’s been with us for almost two months it really feels like he’s always been a part of our family. Thank you again for bringing this beautiful sweet boy to us!