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LuluPalooza Concert tee – Unisex

LuluPalooza Concert tee – Unisex

Show Mom You Care Mother’s Day Card

Show Mom You Care Mother’s Day Card

You Have My Heart Card by Susan Roseman

You Have My Heart Card by Susan Roseman

Show You Care Valentine-Pretzels

Show You Care Valentine-Pretzels

Spay/Neuter Pod

Gremlin (formerly Butch)

Gremlin (formerly Butch)

Hi there,
You guys are the best helping so many dogs!

A few photos of Butch (now Gremlin) with his big brother Iggy having some spring thaw fun.


ruthieHi there,

I just wanted to contact you to give you an update on Ruthie. We adopted her from Lulu’s Rescue back in 2011. I recently took her to be evaluated as an AKC Canine Good Citizen so that she could participate as a therapy dog for a non-profit organization called FURever As Friends. Now I can take her to a local library to read with children, but today I brought her to my school to celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’ birthday. A reporter and photographer came to cover the event so I’ve included a link below. I just wanted you to know that one of the precious pups you rescued down south is making a difference in the lives of lots of little kids here in New Jersey.

Jenny Thomas

Loki (formerly Monkey)


We absolutely love our little Monkey – now known as Loki – that came to live with us on Father’s Day – June 15 – the day that 16 pups found their forever homes.   He has brought so much happiness to our family! He definitely is showered with love constantly.  He really is such a cute puppy and I am attaching some photos for you to see how he’s grown.  I’ve also attached a photo of him the day after we got him when he was 2 months old so you can see the difference.  Please feel free to share with everyone on your facebook so others can see what an amazing change our puppy has brought to us!

Thank you for allowing us to have the chance to adopt our little guy and changing our lives in such a wonderful way.




Hi, thank you for the vet records. Please find the attached photos. Marly is adjusting well and we LOVE her to death!!!!! Maddie loves her new playmate. Marly follows her everywhere.

marly-2We are SOooo blessed to have such a beautiful doggie. We really didn’t have the appreciation of the work you do until we saw the dogs arrive. You truly do Gods work in saving these animals.

God Bless
Sue & John


jacoMichele et al…

Jaco is happy as ever in this beautiful weather.  Thanks, again, for rescuing him/us & all the work you all do.

Every time we walk him (2 x/ day ) he smiles & even shouts from cars- ” that’s the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen!!…”  Pets & adoration from kids on the block & students & Security Guard friends at Widener & anyone he walks by.

His wag is the sweetest crazy thing we get to see every morning afternoon & night.  We feel SO lucky.

Best Wishes from all of us.

Danielle, Chris & Jaco. (called The Cinnamon Bear by one friend, Wolfie).

Bailey (formerly Snow Spots)

baileyDear Lulu’s,

I just wanted to send you an update on Bailey (formerly known as Snow Spots). She is doing great in her new home. She spends her days playing with our other dogs, playing with her many toys, and napping. Bailey is enrolled in puppy classes and is a fast learner! She is such a sweetie and loves to cuddle. So glad to have her as part of our family!

Shannon Kueny


daphneDaphne (aka our little “Cocoa”) is adjusting very well. She has taken on the role as the little princess of our home; she is spoiled with tons of love & attention from all us. Oreo, our other chihuahua, is getting used to having her in the house and our cat Sassy still is trying to figure her out- lol!

I’ll continue to keep you posted. She has stolen my heart as well as the rest of the entire family!!
Thank you so much for making our family complete 🙂


Kirby (formerly Callum)

kirbyHere are some photos of Kirby (aka originally Callum). He is doing great. He has gained weight and is enjoying his routine. He waits at the door in the morning when it is time to go down to the barn. He gets very excited when we put his coat on for the walk down to the horses. While we take care of the horses, he enjoys sniffing about the hay lean to for critters. He loves walks in the woods where he can follow deer trails. He has new friends in our other dogs and has made himself right at home. We LOVE Kirby and we thank Lulu’s Rescue for him.

Meet & Greet – Feb 21, 2015

Meet & Greet – Feb 21, 2015

Concord Pet Supply
County Line Road
Chalfont, PA

Bring your pups!

Show You Care Valentine

Show You Care Valentine

Sealed with A Lick Card by Susan Roseman

Sealed with A Lick Card by Susan Roseman

True Love Card by Susan Roseman

True Love Card by Susan Roseman

Love You Madly Card by Susan Roseman

Love You Madly Card by Susan Roseman

Eat Bark Bid 2015

Eat Bark Bid 2015

A Feast & Evening of Fun to Benefit Lulu’s Rescue
May 30, 2015
Paxson Farms, New Hope, PA

Details to follow.

Lulu’s Video


frazierHello! I just wanted to send a quick update with some pictures! Although he is hard to photograph we were able to get some! 🙂 Frazier is doing wonderful and is picking up potty training very quickly! He is getting along great with his older brother Bentley (He’s teaching him how to walk nicely on a leash!) They love to sit for treats. I’m sorry about our family picture… We will get a better one when we have an extra hand 🙂 I hope you enjoy the pictures I have so far.

Thank you so much!!!
Jordan, Mande, Bentley, and Frazier

Jezzie (formerly Rebecca)

rebeccaHi Maribeth,

Jezzie is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She’s doing great. The first couple of days she was shy and slept a lot but over the past few days you can tell she’s getting more and more comfortable. She plays for 20-30 minutes then sleeps for 2 hours. It’s a great ratio!! She’s met our family, our family’s dogs and some of our friends and our friends’ dogs and everyone loves her and she love everyone! She’s the perfect addition to our family and being with her was the perfect way to start the new year 🙂

We got the records you attached–thanks! Her first vet appointment is next week.

Attached are some pictures. Most of the pictures we take are when she’s sleeping (because she sleeps all the time and looks the cutest when she is!).

Thank you and Lulu’s rescue for giving Dana and I the greatest Christmas present ever!

Spay/Neuter Outreach


aliceHappy holidays to everyone who works so hard at Lulu’s Rescue!

We have had Alice for a little over 4 months now. We love having her in our lives and are so thankful we were able to adopt her through your organization. Please keep up all the great work that you do. Below is a picture of Alice this past Christmas in her new reindeer sweater.

Thank you again and happy new year!

– Margi and Phil

Aspen (aka Topper)

topper-2Aspen (aka Topper) is doing great.  I’ve been blessed with him for 4 years now.  He was my Christmas gift to myself and my other 2 family pets.

Thank you for all you do!
S Terry Mulligan

Libby Lou

libby-louJasper and her are getting along great as you can see from the pictures below! The one of them cuddling was just this morning, what a perfect Xmas present! We are so happy and blessed to have her as a part of our family. Merry christmas!

Abby (formerly Ginger)

ginger-abbyHi Maribeth,

Hope you had a wonderful holiday . Just wanted to let you know Abby is doing great. We just adore this sweet pooch ! She is like a whole new dog with so much confidence, especially in “her” home and yard. We are working slowly on getting her comfortable with other people and surroundings and are starting in home one on one training with her too , which should definitely help . She truly may be the sweetest dog I have ever met ! Her and Mason are also doing great ! No more squabbles and I think they both even enjoy each other’s company . We did find that Abby had a tape worm a while back , but she has been treated and doing great ! Thanks so much for giving us the best Christmas gift our family could ask for . We are just in love with our little girl !

Have a happy and healthy New Year ,
Chris and Sean



Jagger is doing wonderful.  He’s up to about 70 pounds of fur and energy, all fit and healthy.  Like children, it’s great watching him develop his own personality.  Throw a ball, and the Retriever in him comes out.  Leave him off leash in the yard, and he just loves to run from end to end like a Setter.  It took a few trips, but he loves to fetch from the lake too.  And the mix of breeds gave him such a beautiful coat.

Of course, with the good comes the bad.  He does mouth a bit and we’re working with him on it.  He’s improving, but slowly.

For Thanksgiving weekend, Jagger got to experience his first snow.  He saw some last year, but he was too small to really experience much.  This time, he got to run free chasing snow flakes and rolling in it.  Be sure to see the attached picture.

Thank you for everything you do to find these animals good families and homes.  I hope his brothers and sister are equally well.

Warmest Regards,

Lulu’s Tote

Lulu’s Tote


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Women’s Short Sleeve Tee Shirt


Unisex Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

Unisex Short Sleeve Tee Shirt


Navah (Esther)


We wanted to send you a picture of Navah “Esther”  all grown up!  Happy Birthday to our most special, loving family member!!!!  We cannot thank Lulu’s enough for all of the love that Navah brings to our family.

Lisa, Gary, Jacob & Isabella Witham


paco1 paco2

Here are some pictures of Paco’s new life. As you can see, he’s done a lot of sleeping, sightseeing, and made new friends (including our cat, Yams!). He’s a happy and wonderful puppy, and we love him so much. Thank you for saving him so he could be part of our family.



tucker-trailHey Lulu’s

Just two shots of me and my new buddy joining me for a hiking tour with 30 guest hikers. 6.5 miles to 2,200 feet elevation. Even with that-did not tucker out Tucker.

Having a big “welcome home” party/BBQ for him on Sunday with my friends/family.  All German food since there’s some German Shepherd in there.

Living Adventure Tours



patton-1 patton-2


Good Morning Michele,
I’ve attached Patton’s adoption papers. He’s doing great! Still very much a puppy and he needs a lot of obedience training but him and Stella are doing pretty good together. Here are a few recent pictures… he just got his Halloween costume and new raincoat! We were thinking of changing his name to Bud (Buddy) as that’s a nickname we gave him a while ago and he seems to respond well to it. His itchy paws are much better, it turned out to be a pollen allergy and after some prednisone and a trial food allergy testing, all we have to do is wipe his feet when he comes in from outside and soak his feet from time to time in Epsom salt water. He’s grown very attached to Chris which is why we are so glad that we decided to keep him. I think he loves it here with us. Please let us know if you need anything else.


cocoHi Michele.

Thank you so much for your nice note. Coco is doing fantastic! Here’s a recent picture of her and the kids. She is such a wonderful beautiful affectionate dog we couldn’t imagine life without her. Thanks so much for all the great work that you do!!

Best regards, Melissa

Boone (formerly Josh)


Hi Wendy and Lulu’s Rescue!

Here are a few pictures of Boone (formerly known as Josh).  He has settled in well and we are loving him so much!  He is still so very sweet and mellow and loves everyone he meets.  He is very popular in our neighborhood and at the local dog park.  We are all getting so much exercise!  We go on walks 3-4x per day – he’s pretty good on the leash although the squirrels are just so tempting to chase these days.  Most afternoons we go to a neighbor’s house to run flat out and play tug-of-war and wrestle for an hour.   That’s Boone with his friend Casey in the bottom left photo.  Fortunately he sleeps as hard as he plays.  He and the cats still haven’t settled things but we are working on it.  The chickens are interesting to Boone but their poop is so much better….we’re not sure what to do about that!  Maybe in the next few weeks we will try obedience training.

We’ve met a pure bred Black Mouth Cur who protects her chickens from hawks and fox and Boone got the stamp of approval from her owners!  They thought he was perhaps purebred and we got a bargain!  Who knows.  We sat in their chicken coop with 4 bantam hens, 8 baby chicks and a bunny with the 2 dogs and chatted for awhile.  The dogs were amazingly calm, low key and Boone, although ultra curious, followed the other dog’s lead.  So something of the Black Mouth Cur must be in him!!

So thank you so very much for offering him to us.  He has a loving family and home and it’s one of your many success stories I hope.


Frannie (Jasmine)

jasmine2 jasmine

She is the happiest, sweetest dog I’ve ever known! We love her a lot! Here she is with my son and also at the bottom with her “cousin” dog!
Thanks for saving her!!!! If I can ever do anything for LuLu’s here in NYC please let me know.




ruby-1 ruby-2 ruby-3

Ruby’s doing great.  She is such a sweet heart – the kids, and Eden and I, love her.  We are doing some basic obedience training – and she’s a very quick learner. She’s only had one accident in the house and that was not her fault – she escaped from the crate while we were out and found a piece of quiche, which led to a pretty messy cleanup the next morning!  We are really luck to have her and I will be sure to like you on facebook.  You guys rock.

I am attaching a few pictures as well.


Eat, Bark Bid

Eat, Bark, Bid Event
The dog days of summer are really for the dogs this year, Lulu’s Rescue’s dogs. Eat, Bark, Bid is wonderful event, taking place on August 10 beginning at 5:00 P.M., which supports Lulu’s Rescue. It is a celebration that focuses on the work that Lulu’s has accomplished in the past year and the future work they plan to do in the upcoming year with help from supporters like you. This all takes place at an amazing setting while eating a delicious farm-to-table meal. What more could dog lovers ask for!
The event is held at Carousel Lavender Farm. Carousel Lavender Farm is located in Mechanicsville, PA and is a truly unbelievable setting. The lavender fields, the details in each garden and the charm of the buildings are enough to make Martha Stewart drool. Oh wait; maybe that is why she did a ten page article on this residence in her magazine, Martha Stewart Living. Residing here my whole life and attended last year’s Eat, Bark, Bid at this location, I can honestly say it is Bucks County at it’s finest. The fact that they graciously host this event is just a wonderful tribute to power of coming together to support a worthy cause.
Eat, Bark, Bid is catered by Max Hansen, another true Bucks County treasure. Max is known for his innovative meals created with local ingredients and served with utmost beauty. Max has a bio that includes working with the many great culinary artists such as: Julia Child and Michel Rostang. With all that said, his food is simply delicious and just another amazing aspect of this evening.
Please consider joining us for this fun, beautiful, delicious evening all in the name of helping dogs in need. Ticket information can be found on Lulu’s website.


Hi – I just wanted to give you an update on how our Toby is doing since he’s been with us for quite a few months now. In one word, perfect. He is absolutely the sweetest dog who has fit in perfectly with our family. He gets very excited when we get home from work but never ever jumps on us or our son. Has never had an accident in the house and is so calm and gentle with our cat (who now has no problem with him being in “her” house). My son also adores his dog and Toby goes in to his room every night when it’s time for a bedtime story and lays beside the bed to listen as well. He has NEVER picked up one of our son’s toys that did not belong to him and sleeps soundly beside our bed at night. He even acts as the guard dog when my husband is not home from time to time and will lay in the hallway until he gets home and then he’ll come in to bed. He enjoys his twice daily walks and is also perfect when walking on the leash. We couldn’t have asked for anything else when it comes to our newest family member.

Attached is a picture of our happy little boy with Toby (he looks a little smaller/less furry because he had his Summer hair cut).
Thank you again!


Hi Michele,

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at lulus rescue for helping us find and adopt Macy.  She fits right in with our family. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. Thanks again! 

Kind regards,



Izzy has settled in very well!  In fact she is becoming quite the popular girl!  She is learning very quickly and is well tempered so far… We are in the process of setting up the vet appointment for her already. We figured she was not attached to her name so we decided her new name would be Izabelle, (Izzy) and boy does Izzy fit! She is having a lot of fun here and has truly become part of the family. Everyone that meets her loves her and her personality.

Thanks so much for all you have done and what you do we appreciate it a great deal.

Thanks again,

Brian &  Richelle