Abby (formerly Ginger)

ginger-abbyHi Maribeth,

Hope you had a wonderful holiday . Just wanted to let you know Abby is doing great. We just adore this sweet pooch ! She is like a whole new dog with so much confidence, especially in “her” home and yard. We are working slowly on getting her comfortable with other people and surroundings and are starting in home one on one training with her too , which should definitely help . She truly may be the sweetest dog I have ever met ! Her and Mason are also doing great ! No more squabbles and I think they both even enjoy each other’s company . We did find that Abby had a tape worm a while back , but she has been treated and doing great ! Thanks so much for giving us the best Christmas gift our family could ask for . We are just in love with our little girl !

Have a happy and healthy New Year ,
Chris and Sean

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