Abigail is doing so well. She had her vet visit, and, of course, everyone there loved her. She got a nice clean bill of health and the vet complimented her on her sweet disposition and her pretty white teeth 🙂

I’ve also found a wonderful dog walker, Katlyn, who comes in the middle of the day to walk and play with Abigail. Every day I get a little note telling me what they did together, what treats she ate, and what a sweet girl she is (which I already know, of course).

I don’t think there’s much else to report, except that I just adore her. She’s the best part of my day. She has a great appetite and never turns down a treat! We’ve been working on a few new tricks, including rolling over. Not quite there yet, as she gets a little distracted at the prospect of a tummy rub, but we’re making progress. I started leaving her out of her crate in small increments and now she has free reign of the apartment during the day. She has been very good and not at all destructive. I’m happier knowing she isn’t cooped up during the day, although she still goes in her crate sometimes to lay on her pillow and spend quality alone time chewing up her latest toy.

Thank you for checking in!

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